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Regular readers know the truth. I’m an unrepentant folk music freak enthusiast. That’s just the way it is. I think it was squeezebox king Flaco Jimenez who said something about folk music being very simple music dressed up to seem really complicated. Still, there are… Read More

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What the world needs now….

….is more spoon players. That’s the whole problem with all that newfangled pop music. It doesn’t make you feel like you ought to pick up a pair of spoons and clack away. Here’s tonight’s Daily Dose. …and then there’s the Vietnamese way Fly around my… Read More

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Le reel du cultivateur

Let’s start 2012 off right with a nice button accordion reel. Clément a l’accordéon et Réginald a la guitare Sorry but I don’t know anything about these guys. They have a number of videos up on YouTube and they’re all very enjoyable.

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Soldier’s Joy

Soldier’s Joy is an old tune that has been performed in every way imaginable and recorded countless times. It’s one I enjoy playing on my triple row button accordion. Here’s some interesting versions I found on YouTube. This version makes me want to have a… Read More

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Train 45

You might think I’m running out of train songs. No way. Here’s Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys performing Train 45. This one goes out to Salvelinas. Now for a much different take on the tune, here’s Woody And one last version, this one featuring… Read More

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Big Rock Candy Mountain

You never change your socks, friends. Wake me when we get there… Here’s the Katfish Four Here’s the Harry MacClintock version How about Vernon Dalhart? Now a sort-of rockabilly version by Dorsey Burnette

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Music for kids…

I’m playing squeezebox for some groups of kids this morning. I’ve also packed my gut-bucket bass and a big bag of various shakers and other percussion instruments like washboards and a “toad” and some guiros and my djembe. I’ll get some volunteers to come up… Read More