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Soldier’s Joy

Soldier’s Joy is an old tune that has been performed in every way imaginable and recorded countless times. It’s one I enjoy playing on my triple row button accordion. Here’s some interesting versions I found on YouTube. This version makes me want to have a… Read More

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King of the Nine String

Join me over at SqueezeMyLemon and let’s listen to the late great Big Joe Williams. Williams had a long career that included recording many sides with the harp player Sonny Boy Williamson (the first one). He doubled up three strings on his guitar, creating a… Read More

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Surf’s Up

I don’t even know anyone who’s ever surfed (except the inner-nets of course) Dick Dale   Eddie and the Showmen   The Challengers   The Chantay’s on Lawrence Welk Related Articles Dick Dale’s Guitar Screams With Pain And Pleasure (

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Look ma, four hands

Guitar enthusiasts in the crowd will enjoy this amazing video featuring two musicians playing one guitar at the same time. I found this over at The Presurfer, always an excellent source for the oddities of the universe.