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Bonaparte’s March

How many old time tunes have Bonaparte in the title? There’s Bonaparte’s Retreat, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, this one, which is Bonaparte’s March and maybe more. I love this tune; I love its relentlessness, its inevitability. This is Jack Antler – Ted Myerscough on guitar… Read More

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Kitchen Girl

Kitchen Girl is an old time standard. On clawhammer it’s usually, but not always, played in Mountain Modal AKA Sawmill tuning. I like this tune a lot and I’ve been working on learning it. If I ever get it down, you’ll hear my version, but… Read More

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Bonaparte’s March

Here are Nathan McAlister and Sours. I know Bonaparte’s March pretty well and play it on clawhammer. I learned it from the same players these folks learned it from, Cathy Barton and Dave Para. I learned it when I attended the 2014 Midwest Banjo Camp.… Read More