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2 Novels

What have you been reading lately? Do you have any fiction recommendations to share? Here are a couple mini-reviews of books I’ve recently read. A Spy’s Life is the 2001 offering from British writer Henry Porter. At times I really enjoy a good spy novel.… Read More

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The Price of Salt

I just finished reading Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 masterpiece, The Price of Salt. How is it I failed to read this before now? Highsmith initially published this same-sex love story as Claire Morgan, then republished it many years later under her own name, but with the… Read More

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Beginning the Ripliad

I’m not sure how, in close to 58 years on the planet, I failed to read any of Patricia Highsmith’s novels. Recently we watched the Wim Wenders film, The American Friend, based on Highsmith’s Ripley’s Game, and we loved it. Soon after, we watched the… Read More