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Election Day

Toronto Municipal Elections – Vote Today If it seems as if our municipal election campaign has been going on for a really long time, it’s because it has been.  The municipal campaigns are way longer than either the provincial or federal races. Typically, voter turnout… Read More

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Does the Campaign have to be this long…? We’ve been innundated with polls over the past week or so about the municipal election here in Toronto, which takes place a week from now. One radio station commissioned a poll and actually stretched the results out… Read More

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Dig It

I’m going to take a break from the deluge of fungi photos and turn to the news and municipal politics for a moment. Yesterday Toronto mayoral hopeful Rocco Rossi made an announcement that I just have to talk about. Rossi has proposed an tunnel extension… Read More

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Transit Talk?

I think we need to give our City Councillors more work. Councillor and TTC head Adam Giambrone will be getting his own talk show. I’m not making this up. He’s going to ride around on a street car, taking calls, comments and complaints.  Viewers can… Read More

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Toronto Mayor David Miller stated the obvious, quoted in the National Post yesterday, “I think it would be very good if a number of councillors perhaps recognize that it’s time for somebody else and run,” he told reporters yesterday. ”I think it would be good… Read More

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What were they thinking?

The Auditor General has reported on the Ontario government’s efforts to introduce an electronic health records system and it is grim news indeed for the Liberal Government. You can read the details in this article or many others available on the net. Suffice it to… Read More