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Election Day

Toronto Municipal Elections – Vote Today

If it seems as if our municipal election campaign has been going on for a really long time, it’s because it has been.  The municipal campaigns are way longer than either the provincial or federal races. Typically, voter turnout for our local elections is very low, but I suspect this time more people will be motivated to get out and vote. It seems everyone I talk to lately has an opinion and I think that’s healthy. I hope participation is very high.

This election is going to mark a significant change for our city. Historically, it has been very difficult for a challenger to unseat an incumbent in Toronto. This time, 9 councillors will not be seeking re-election. That’s 20%. As well, there are a number of very strong new candidates who may well have gained enough steam to scramble into office.

I’ve been struggling to find candidates I can solidly get behind, both in my ward and in the mayoralty race, but I think finally I’ve made up my mind and I’m ready to get out and vote this afternoon. See you there.


    • Well, it’s your right to not vote. If I felt that way, I’d be inclined to make a protest vote, or at least a spoiled ballot. You’re just lumping yourself in with the huge group of people who just don’t care at all.

      Anyone else out there choosing not to vote? How come?

  1. I think we had 34% turnout for our recent election here in Edmonton. It seems really low to me but the local news reports seemed to think it was pretty good. Sad…

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