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Morning Blues

I dropped Tuffy P off at the Go Station this morning just before the snowstorm hit. A big hint this is going to be quite a storm system: the local talk radio station has sold ads on their snow updates. The fisherman whirligig out front… Read More

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When we awoke early this morning, the snow was just starting and the ground was just covered. I’m typing this at noon and there is no sign of it slowing down. I haven’t ventured outside yet. Maybe I should shovel but then again, if it’s… Read More

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Snowing all day

It’s been snowing all day around 27th Street. The roads are pretty bad. I had a close call driving on the Queensway, even though I have snow tires on my Forester. I touched my breaks and I guess there was a patch of ice under… Read More

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Early this morning….

It isn’t often we get snow before the Shishigashira sheds its leaves. By this afternoon, the snow was gone from the trees but there were still traces on the ground, and forecasts suggesting a little more is on the way. Well, bring it on….

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It started snowing not long after we returned from the cinema and it’s still coming down. We just shoveled about 5 cm of fluffy and if it keeps up we’ll have that much more by morning.  The dogs enjoyed a walk in the snow, although… Read More

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Alleged Snow

Who would believe parts of the GTA would have an accumulation of snow this late into April, especially after the “non-winter” that was. Not me. It must be some kind of hoax.