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Morning Blues

I dropped Tuffy P off at the Go Station this morning just before the snowstorm hit. A big hint this is going to be quite a storm system: the local talk radio station has sold ads on their snow updates. The fisherman whirligig out front… Read More

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Batten down the hatches

The weather predicting folks have been telling us for a few days we’re going to get hit with an ice storm this weekend. The last report I saw suggested rain turning to freezing rain later today followed by a full-fledged, nasty ice storm tomorrow, complete… Read More

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Big Wind

Crazy winds this afternoon here in Long Branch. A few gusts have been strong enough to cause the window panes to vibrate. One fairly small branch came down from the honey locust out front a while ago, but so far everything else is intact. I… Read More

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This is quite a February thaw we’re experiencing here in Toronto. It’s the worst time for dog owners and as you know, with two Newfs we have a lot of dog – wet, sloppy, muddy dog. The snow has melted very quickly in the back… Read More

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When we awoke early this morning, the snow was just starting and the ground was just covered. I’m typing this at noon and there is no sign of it slowing down. I haven’t ventured outside yet. Maybe I should shovel but then again, if it’s… Read More