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Fi-Di Diddle Um-a Daisy

Time for a taste of the late great Jimmie Driftwood. If you don’t know Jimmie Driftwood’s music, here are a few of my faves. He wrote over 1,000 songs and played them on his home-made guitar. Here’s one for all my friends at the post… Read More

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Tecumseh Valley

We’re always making value judgements, and we do it at lightning speed. I like this, I don’t care for that, that’s ok, oh no, not that. We do it about art and music and literature and everything else. I’m OK with that. For instance with… Read More

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Hard Times

This song was written by Stephen Foster in 1854. It was first recorded in 1905. It never gets old. I love songs that can endure style, fad and fashion, that remain as powerful today as the day someone made them up, or pulled them from… Read More

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Train Song of the Day

Starlight on the Rails Here is Rosalie Sorrels covering Starlight on the Rails, which was written by her pal, the late Utah Phillips. Wow, I love this one.  I’ve known this song for many years, but this interpretation of it is simply stunning. “Dreams are… Read More

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Dark as a Dungeon

This is a Merle Travis tune, but I started off with Weird Bob Dylan and Joan Baez from way back in 1975. Here’s Mr. Travis: And of course, Tennessee Ernie Ford: Ernie Ford built a career around another Merle Travis tune, 16 Tons…I guess we’d… Read More

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Gallo del Cielo

Here’s an unusual campfire version of that fabulous Tom Russell tune about Gallo del Cielo, the rooster born in heaven, performed by Billy and Walter Lloyd. I stumbled across this on YouTube. I first heard this song performed by Ian Tyson way back in the… Read More

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Navajo Rug

When we were out at the opera the other night, somebody said something about that old song, you know the one that has ay yi yi in it…not whoopitiyi-o, ay yi yi, and the song was Navajo Rug. C. had heard it somewhere but couldn’t… Read More

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My Blue Heaven

I mentioned the song My Blue Heaven in my review of the Leon Redbone show, and it occurred to me that there might be a reader or two out there who do not know this chestnut. It was popularized by Gene Austin and later Fats… Read More