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Let’s class this joint up…

Here’s Count Basie with Little Jimmy Rushing (Mr. 5X5!) on vocals. Sent for you yesterday and here you come today. This tune rocks. Basie and Rushing were both favourites of my father’s. He’d say, “Listen to Basie’s piano, son, just listen”. He used to play… Read More

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A Beautiful January Day

I was out walking the Rangers this evening – we were walking down the middle of the road because it was a little easier there than along the mostly un-cleared sidewalks. We were ambling  along at a good pace until Memphis figured out I had… Read More

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Storytime – Work

I left town on a road-trip just to get away, see the country, figure things out and I came back when the money ran out. I had an idea that I wanted to devote my energy to making paintings. I was starting from scratch, finding… Read More