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Superheros – a new Lazy Allen story

The latest Lazy Allen story is up. It’s called Superheros. This is the 12th story in this group, which I’ve been working on for some time.

When I began writing using the voice of Lazy Allen, I had a novel in mind. That led me into a swamp I had trouble exiting. I changed gears along the way and started thinking in terms of short-short stories, each standing as an independent story, sharing some characters and themes with the others. As I began publishing a story each month though, I think The Lazy Allen Stories have taken on the character of a serial. If you decide to jump in and read Superheros – and you enjoy it – you might find it worthwhile to go back in time on the story page and read the group chronologically from the first story I published back in October 2015, called The Bottle & Can.

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