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Ukulele Friday

Your Daily Dose is served up on the uke today… These are from Gugug’s YouTube Channel.. Judy is a Punk OK, now crack open a beer and listen to California Sun. Hey I like these guys! Have a great weekend!  

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Melodica Time

For today’s Daily Dose, let’s listen to some melodica. You may or may know be hip to this most interesting wind/keyboard instrument. Enjoy. This first cut also features uke. Uke and melodica in one video. Now that’s excitement. The Rinky Dink Panther Here is Hermeto… Read More

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The Sailer’s Hornpipe

I enjoy playing this tune on my piano accordion, even if it still gives me trouble. Let’s start off with a uke version…. And how can I resist a tuba and matching outfits? Blind Lemming Chiffon? Un simpatico Medley guidato dal famoso Sailor’s Hornpipe And… Read More