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Johnny Can’t Dance

It’s about time I shared some button accordion music around this joint, don’t you think? Johnny Can’t Dance Ray Abshire or how about Clifton Chenier? I think the reason he can’t dance is he’s got a paper in his shoe… here’s the late Boozee Chavis

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Le Soleil est Levé

Time for a shot of creole button accordion music. I know you’ve been waiting for it…. Here’s Cedric Watson performing Le Soleil est Levé Mr. Watson is also a fiddler and recently some videos featuring him playing gourd banjo have appeared on the YouTube. Here… Read More

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Diggy Liggy Lo

Today’s Daily Dose comes from Louisiana. Interesting intro by Johnny. I couldn’t even name 28 instruments (much less play them)….but here’s Doug Kershaw.. Since we’re in Louisiana, let’s listen to the most awesome Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys performing the Hick’s Wagon Wheel Special… Read More

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One Kiss

The Daily Dose today features the late Beau Jocque performing One Kiss in Austrailia. In the late 1980s Andrus Espre became Beau Jocque and put together his fantastic Zydeco band, The Hi Rollers. Sadly he died young in 1999, but he left us some really… Read More

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Fernest and the Thunders

Your Daily Dose tonight is some music from a Zydeco band called Fernest and the Thunders, led by a button accordion player named Fernest Arceneaux. Mr Arceneaux is gone now, but I remember seeing him and his band live here in Toronto back in the… Read More