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Dog Park

ScreenHunter_03+Nov.+10+06.45There’s been some talk recently about the City creating an off-leash dog park area in Colonel Sam Smith Park, just down the street from Anchovy World Headquarters. Dog walkers who attempt to walk their dogs off leash in the park proper now are usually confronted by by-law officers skulking around in the bushes. The fine is hefty, over $200.

Dog parks can work quite well. We enjoy the one at Jack Darling Park frequently, and the one that runs down Etobicoke Creek as well. People who don’t like dogs or who are afraid of dogs don’t have to worry because the parks are fenced. There is plenty of space for the dogs, and in the case of Etobicoke Creek, lots of trail and different terrain too.

Given that the poster for the meeting has “Review final design of the area” on the agenda, I wonder if it is a done deal? The area we’ve heard is being considered isn’t ideal. Just east of the water treatment plant, it sits in a very swampy spot, which we affectionately call Grimes Lake, after our local Councilor. In the summer, it is a mosquito-infested malerial bog down there. Perhaps if they eliminated the swampy bits it would be better.

In principle though, I support a dog park in Sam Smith Park. I think it would be great for the community and a fun place for the local dogs, including my Memphis.

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