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Shrinking Anchovy

I think I mentioned a while back that I’ve been shedding some of those pesky unwanted pounds. 33 pounds gone so far, and plenty more opportunity abounds.  The Creole Shrimp and Fish stew didn’t seem to slow me down.


    • No secrets. I eat breakfast every day (good quality cereal with fruit and milk). I have fat free yogourt a couple hours after that. I have coffee with milk and no sugar.

      For lunch I have some kind of protein…a bit of meat or cheese or a hard-boiled egg, with some melba toasts and some raw veggies and fruit.

      For dinner I usually have some kind of meat with lots of veggies and no bread. Sometimes I’ll have a soup or like last week, a fish stew on.

      I limit my snacks. About once each week I have a bigger or more substantial dinner. I don’t drink much beer or wine, but I do have a scotch in the evening two or three times each week.

      I’ve upped my exercise, mostly walking with Memphis, but in the new year, I’ll be adding swimming to the mix.

      • muppie

        We’re into a house now and starting to get those pesky house jobs like painting done. I also went to some continuing ed courses up at Laurier this fall that kept me busy. I’m gradually adjusting to being here! Best of the season to you and Tuffy and pets,

  1. I am becoming a little too large.

    I will have to sacrifice some beer and curry for the cause of becoming slim(ish) again.

    Good luck wi yer diet old bean

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