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Early this morning, we watched Clerks on dvd. Clerks is the 1994 film by Kevin Smith. It was shot for $27,575 in black & white. The film is about Dante, a clerk in a convenience store and his buddy, video store clerk Randal. They’re really bad retail clerks stuck in jobs they don’t care about. The film is very funny, punctuated with plenty of bizarre and absurd bits, annoying customers and a certain slacker angst. A fun way to start the day.


  1. Oh this is a classic. I love all of Smith’s movies and check out his speaking engagement sometime…it’s a riot! It’s called “An Evening With Kevin Smith” and available on dvd.

    His movie “Chasing Amy” is absolutely brilliant. Really one of the top movies of the 90’s. It nails the battle of the sexes in contemporary culture. It is painful, tragic and really good acting…and funny. Heartwrenching.

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