1. SME

    *Interesting* costumes…

    You could try a beer ban, but Canada would take up arms and revolt.

  2. My doomsday cult has been working on abolishing golf. As soon as we rid the world of that corrupt past time I will send my followers out against beer!

    Death to videodrome, long live the new flesh!

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    For all the beer drinkers out there I will point out that beer has the ability to actually save the planet and stop global warming, sort of. Let me run through the calculation. The annual worldwide consumption of beer is about 100 Billion litres annually. That is roughly 300 billion pounds of beer each year. If the average beer is 5% alcohol all this beer amounts to about 15 Billion pounds of alcohol each and every year. Cool huh? Now for the really neat part. Beer is produced by the fermentation process. In this process good old yeast eats the sugars in grain and produces equal parts of alcohol and carbon dioxide. That means that if 15 Billion pounds of alcohol is produced then also 15 Billion pounds of carbon dioxide is produced each and every year as a byproduct and all 15 Billion pounds of this carbon dioxide ends up in the atmosphere. Wanna save the world? Write to your local government and tell them you want a worldwide ban on beer! I am really surprised that the left wing commie pinko tree huggers who are working hard to ban tobacco, alligator shoes, and standing on the top step of ladders hasnt jumped all over this one.

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