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Cold Morning

It is very cold this morning. We fired up the woodstove up in the family room to toast up. I see smoke coming out the chimney of the house across the way. They had the same idea. On the good news front, the days are getting longer. Slowly.

My knee is so much better. When I stopped fly fishing in the heat of summer, I stopped for the season. I didn’t know what my knee problem was all about and I was afraid of doing some damage, slipping while wading a stream. I feel I will have no problem wading again next season. One of these days I’ll have to hunker down at the tying bench and tie some trout flies for the early season.

At the same time trout start actively feeding on mayflies in my neck of the woods, we’ll start to see some morels. I started foraging for mushrooms after morel season last year. I’ve never looked for them, and I can’t recall stumbling upon them previously. I’ve learned though that I rarely see what I’m not looking for. When I started looking carefully for mushrooms, a whole world opened up. It took me the longest time last year before I saw a lobster mushroom poke up from leaves on the forest floor. I’m sure I passed over plenty of them. It’s the same with looking for trout in a stream. Before I started really slowing down and looking, I couldn’t see much trout behaviour. Now, because I’ve learned to tune in, I see trout nymphing on the bottom, and I detect various different sorts of rise forms. I’ve learned to watch to see what bugs the fish are eating.

I’ve started thinking about some places to look for morels. The answer to the question, where do you find them is clearly, they’re everywhere. In other words, don’t ask, just figure it out. The problem though is not just to figure it out, but also to find a place that every morel hunter in the province doesn’t pounce on. I’ve read about some vague criteria. It’s all pretty mysterious. As a bonus, they’re not so easy to see.

All this rambling about spring is just to say that I haven’t bothered to get showered and dressed yet, and I suppose it’s time to brave the day. Good morning.


  1. sp

    I’d love to find some morels. I found it to be a similar experience with chanterelles. I never noticed them before, and then once looking for them they turned up everywhere.
    Hopefully, we’ll be able to spot morels with as much success.

    Glad to hear that your knee is better.

  2. One of the things I want to do this year (which I left of of my post about this…) is do some foraging in my local woods! Of course, we’re looking at April-May here before there is anything out there to forage, but I can wait!

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