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Morning Blues

I dropped Tuffy P off at the Go Station this morning just before the snowstorm hit. A big hint this is going to be quite a storm system: the local talk radio station has sold ads on their snow updates. The fisherman whirligig out front… Read More

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2 Seasons

Here by the shores of Lake Ontario, it might be argued there are 2 seasons, not 4, defined by two weekends each year – the weekend they pull all the sailboats from the yacht club in Sam Smith Park – and the weekend they put… Read More

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This is the shortest day of the year and from this day on, everything is looking up. Tomorrow, there will be 4 seconds more daylight and I plan to enjoy each of those seconds. The winter solstice itself, when the axial tilt of the earth’s… Read More

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Cold Morning

It is very cold this morning. We fired up the woodstove up in the family room to toast up. I see smoke coming out the chimney of the house across the way. They had the same idea. On the good news front, the days are… Read More