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Time for new goggles.

Tuffy P had her eyes tested a week or so ago and I went this morning. The effects of the drops has just about worn off. After my appointment, we went to an optical joint someone had recommended to Tuffy and started checking out the goods. Tuffy only needs glasses for reading, so hers will be ready in a couple days, but I need progressives so mine will take a week or so. We both found excellent “statement” frames, very swanky.


  1. I want to see photos of new swanky glasses!

    I haven’t bought new specs in over ten years. No doubt I am way overdue…

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Oh the style isnt my complaint, it is the otherworldly prices they charge. I’ll take a case of those Buddy Holly specials please… Really annoying though is when your vision changes and you need new lenses but your frames still are fine. “I am sorry sir but lenses to fit your frames are no longer available you must buy new frames “

    • These days, I need correction for both reading and for distance, so I wear progressives – the bi-focals without the line. My lenses now cost more than my frames.

      Now they have so-called digital lenses too, that offer a wider field of vision, at significantly more cost of course.

      I have some insurance at work that covers a pair of glasses every two years, to a maximum that is around the cost of a decent pair of specs.

      • Tuffy P tells me that the singer and bass player Sting is now a designer of glasses frames. Who knew?

        Tuffy P tells me that the musician known as Sting (or is it Stink?) has become a designer of glasses. Who knew?

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    The very best statement frames I think are no longer made. They were the ones that came in pink or blue plastic and had those cool pointy wings up in the top outside corners and were adorned with rhinestones. They just said all there was to say.

    I don’t understand the whole optical industry but I know for dead certain that if I were a rich and famous celebrity I would go with a line of frames rather than say a line of perfume or underwear. Frames have to be the most profitable racket on the planet. You start with 10 cents worth of recycled plastic. Add 10 cents worth of energy to melt the stuff and pour in into a mold. Sell for $200. Nice margin. If you design happens to suck then you simply call them statement frames and charge $400. Even nicer margin. Then every year make them smaller. Try to get them small enough so you only need 7 cents of plastic. This is good capitalism. Take your profits from the frames and either buy a yacht or start up a line of perfume which is pretty much the same idea only liquid. Frames are not made in Muslim countries. If they were then the owners of the frame companies would each have had a hand chopped off by now. Ali Babba and the 40 frame makers.

    • Actually, these days I think frames are getting bigger, not smaller. That said, I know a fashion guru such as you will appreciate our selections.

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