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Tuffy P is off on a roadtrip in Quebec with our friend Toni. I’m at home with the partners, holding the fort, working my way through the job list that appeared by the computer. Well,┬áthe party work on the job list is well under way.… Read More

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A Week Later

It has been a week since I slipped and messed up my ankle. Sheila, my family, friends and neighbours, my boss and my workmates have all been super-supportive. The whole business continues to be uncomfortable, and it is difficult to focus really well on the… Read More

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Arse over Teakettle

I looked for ice on the steps. It was that kind of weather. I thought of the Wade Hemsworth song, The Shining Birch Tree…’twas the in-between season of freeze-up and thaw. of course I wasn’t in the north woods, just on my way into the… Read More

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Down in America

I loaded up the Anchovy-mobile at the crack of dawn Tuesday and headed toward the Queenston-Lewiston bridge. My destination was an area of New York state defined by two towns and a river. I was off to chase trout. There was a time when I… Read More