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The Race

We’re having a municipal election in Toronto in October. So far in my ward, Ward 6, 3 candidates have declared. The current Councillor, Mark Grimes, has not declared as yet. The three are: Jem Cain, Michael Laxer and Pastor Wendell Brereton. Tonight, I sent an email to each of them, inviting them to send me responses to 10 questions for publication on this blog. I hope all three of them participate. Here are the questions I sent:

1. Why Ward 6? Do you have some history in this area? Please tell my readers a little about your background.
2. What are your top 3 priorities for our neighbourhood?
3. This year, we’ve experienced a large number of break-ins in Longbranch. Can you influence change and improvement in this area?
4. What is your position on the proposal to run a dedicated TTC  LRT line through our community? Do you have alternative ideas?
5. Do you think we have adequate community consultation currently in our area? If not, how would you improve this?
6. What is good development and what is bad development? Ward 6 is an unusual treasure in the city. What should be preserved and what should be changed?
7. Who do you support for mayor?
8. We’ve seen councillors spend their office budgets on all sorts of creative things from French lessons to retirement parties, and we’ve seen others spend nothing at all. What is appropriate in your view? How will you be accountable as a councillor?
9. Our City Council has been dysfunctional for a number of years. The behaviour of councillors has often been childish at best. How will you contribute to improvement in this area?
10. What are the top 3 reasons why we should vote for you for Ward 6 Councillor?

I plan to publish the responses I receive in the order I receive them, beginning on Wednesday next week. I hope the candidates decide to participate.

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