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The Lawn Sign

A neighbour from up the street dropped by the other day with a lawn sign and asked if I’d like to have one on my front lawn. I’ve never had a lawn sign for anything, not for or against anything, not in support of a… Read More

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Positive steps in Long Branch

We received the following notice from Councillor Grimes yesterday, outlining some very positive steps in managing development in our community. For those who have not seen it, I’ve pasted it below. Kudos to Councillor Grimes – this will help even the playing field. After discussions… Read More

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Spreading Roots

The Toronto Botanical Garden is hosting a three day symposium called Spreading Roots, celebrating the UN International Year of Forests, and exploring critical issues affecting urban trees. I won’t be able to attend this but I thought I’d spread the word because it looks very… Read More

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The Race

We’re having a municipal election in Toronto in October. So far in my ward, Ward 6, 3 candidates have declared. The current Councillor, Mark Grimes, has not declared as yet. The three are: Jem Cain, Michael Laxer and Pastor Wendell Brereton. Tonight, I sent an… Read More

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The Plot Thickens

Look what was posted over at the leash-free area at the R.L. Clark Filtration plant today. I assume this stuff was posted by the person who was there expressing her opinion last evening. A gate would certainly solve the problem of the dog area cutting… Read More

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The Fence

The City has been building a fence at our local leash-free park at the R.L.Clark Filtration Plant. Some readers may recall the post I made on this subject some time ago on this blog. My position has been that the dog park is poorly located… Read More