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Yes, you’re right. There are only 5 photos, and one got in there twice. I’m not sure how that happened. Sigh.

These sunflowers (and the bees around them) are in the front yard here at Anchovy World Headquarters, in the one spot with enough sustained sunlight to support them.


  1. sp

    Beautiful! I adore sunflowers. I’ll never grow them now with the minimal sun I have, but it’s nice to enjoy someone else’s.

    • We have marginal sunlight too. There is a huge locust tree on one side and the neighbour’s spruce and tamarack on the other. I thought we might just get stalks but no flowers, but as it turned out we have flowers galore.

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  3. So pretty! My garden is abysmal this year. The winter killed one of my hedges and my perennials have all moved themselves to the sunny spots of the beds.

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