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Garden Salad Season

Although we experienced quite a cold early spring, and my gardening activities were considerably limited by an acutely torn quadriceps tendon, I did manage to get some early veggies into containers out front. This morning, I picked a leaf here, a leaf there from some… Read More

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The Fall Garden

I love the fall gardens. Sure, in high summer the gardens are spectacular, featuring rushes of high-tone colour, but the mature garden has plenty going for it too.   Flowers take on new and often mysterious shapes. The earthy fall colours are showy in their… Read More

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Korean Pine

Here at 27th Street, we have quite a few trees, most of which were planted at some point far and away before we arrived on the scene. The notable exceptions are our Shishigashira Japanese Maple up front and the “Cherokee Brave” flowering dogwood we planted… Read More