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If God wanted us to vote….

she would have given us candidates

I suppose it’s about time I commented on the recent polls that put Rob Ford way way way way ahead of everyone else in the Toronto mayoralty race. I’m just kind of stunned by the whole business.

Rob Ford is an expression of the anger towards our last mayor and council. You might say they invented or caused the phenomenon called Rob Ford. I understand that. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I too have been angry with the past municial administration, to the point where I have suggested that the best thing we can do is kick all the incumbents out and start fresh with a new bunch.

Ford, with his one line campaign (gravy train, gravy train gravy train) feeds on the anger.  None of the other candidates seem to be resonating with the public. I had expected that a new candidate or two would jump in to fill the void before the deadline but I was wrong. The choices we have are the choices we have.

The Rossi camp appears to have decided that voters are morons and so have produced some embarrassing radio spots featuring a guy with a sort-of-Italian accent talking about “wise-guys” and “goodfellas”. Maybe he thinks that by presenting a stereotype of an Italian gangster he can rustle up the Italian Canadian vote.  I think these ads pretty much finish him as a candidate.

With Smitherman, Rossi and Thomson crowding the middle, and Pantalone taking all the “things aren’t so bad the way they are” votes, it’s going to be an easy win for Ford – unless some candidates drop out. We’ll see what happens.

Let me say that I think Ford would/will be a disasterous mayor for Toronto. But then, as one commenter noted here a while back, we survived Lastman. The good thing is that the mayor only has one vote. Ford will try to rally up support and there may be enough opportunists around that he will be able to gather some. I think this week we’ll see some action and some endorsements. I wonder if politico-turned-radio-host John Tory is going to come out and endorse anyone. Considering there was some commotion about the possibility of Mr. Tory running this time around, he might well have some influence on the outcome if he decided to back a candidate.

It is going to be very interesting to see if the participation rate is going to go up this time around.  Perhaps the normally apathetic crowd will come out either to jump on the Ford bandwagon or to vote for anyone but Ford.

Just for fun, visit Torontoist and make your own Rob Ford funny.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    The thoughtful soft spoken Mr. Ford might well be a wonderful mayor. After all he gets only one vote on issues and it might be good to have someone who leans toward fiscal restraint leading the city. If I lived in the Big Smoke he might get my vote.

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