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Positive steps in Long Branch

We received the following notice from Councillor Grimes yesterday, outlining some very positive steps in managing development in our community. For those who have not seen it, I’ve pasted it below. Kudos to Councillor Grimes – this will help even the playing field. After discussions… Read More

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The Elmo lives!

I was very pleased to read that Michael Wekerle (new guy on Dragon’s Den) has bought the El Mocambo with the intention of keeping it running as a music venue. The very first time I went to a bar to hear live music it was… Read More

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House down

There’s a house coming down on Lake Promenade, just west of 27th Street. I wonder what’s going to go up in its place? Will it be a giant monster home – there are some – or perhaps they’ll try to cram a couple tall skinny… Read More

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Old City Hall

Old City Hall is the first of four novels by Robert Rotenberg featuring the character Detective Ari Green, along with a few other recurring characters. I gobbled them up in more or less reverse order. Like the others, this was a highly readable mystery with… Read More

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I don’t recall how I found out about Stranglehold by Robert Rotenberg. Maybe I heard an interview with the author or read a review. I do know that whatever it was caused me to write down “Read Stranglehold Robert Rotenberg Toronto mystery” in my trusty… Read More

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What’s this?

Check out this article in The Star. The existence of places like Kensington Market, places that don’t look like everywhere else, places that have some special identity in the City are Toronto treasures.  But things are changing fast in Hogtown. Condo developments are going up… Read More

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It started snowing not long after we returned from the cinema and it’s still coming down. We just shoveled about 5 cm of fluffy and if it keeps up we’ll have that much more by morning.  The dogs enjoyed a walk in the snow, although… Read More