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Too Close Together

I’ve been making occasional posts at a place called Open Salon. I went over there a while back to visit Steve. In order to comment on his posts, I had to register, and registration, which is free, comes with a blog space, and well, put a blog space in front of me and I’ll fill it. I must be wired that way. I first posted over there in mid-September, but I’ve neglected to mention this to my regular readers here at 27th Street. I don’t know why. My posts over there aren’t that much different than my posts over here, except that they’re dominated by text. How strange that I’ve kept this from you, gentle readers. It reminds me of the old joke about the guy who has two girlfriends, Kate and Edith. They each find out and get together to beat him up. The moral of the story is that you can’t have your Kate and Edith too.

My occasional posts over there don’t get a lot of play. There are a few people who read them and fewer people who comment. Open Salon allows readers to indicate their approval of individual posts by pressing a “rate” button. I have scant few of those under my belt.

One thing I like about Open Salon is that the front page is put together like a newspaper featuring various posts on the system. There are opportunities to answer “calls for submissions” as well. I don’t know how long I’ll continue to post over there or how frequently, but you’re all welcome to pop over and check the place out.

Although I don’t mention it very often, regular readers know that I’m also an occasional contributor to the blues blog, SqueezeMyLemon. Check it out sometime.

Here’s Sonny Boy Williamson performing Too Close Together…embedding is disabled, so you’ll have to click a second time to watch it on YouTube. Mr. Williamson wrote some of my favourite blues ever.


  1. Somehow, I feel cheated on Mr. A. I’ve been such a loyal reader at this site, and now I find out that you’ve been posting behind my back, so to speak. Sneaky. Gotta keep an eye on you.

    • mea maxima culpa Bloggerboy, mea maxima culpa. There was this blog space in front of me saying, just one post, c’mon, just one. You know you want it.

  2. I’m planning to treat myself to some extended blog reading this frigid weekend, so I am looking forward to seeking out your outposts!

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