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Too Close Together

I’ve been making occasional posts at a place called Open Salon. I went over there a while back to visit Steve. In order to comment on his posts, I had to register, and registration, which is free, comes with a blog space, and well, put… Read More

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My Castle’s Rockin’

As some of you know, my friend Fitzgerald is kind enough to allow me to post from time to time over at his fine blues blog, SqueezeMyLemon. This morning I featured Alberta Hunter, live. These performances were recorded when Ms. Hunter was in her 80s.… Read More

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The Hound

I posted a couple videos by Hound Dog Taylor over at SqueezeMyLemon this morning. He was a tremendously energized player. When I hear his music, I think of something I heard Utah Phillips say on some recording or another: “I prefer a rude vigor to… Read More

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Ramblin on my mind…

Join me over at SqueezeMyLemon to listen to folksinging great Ramblin Jack Elliott. It seems that many people I talk to these days don’t even know who Mr. Elliott is, but geez Louise he’s a voice that caught my attention way back when I was… Read More