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Salt (a small rant)

Anchovy World Headquarters has thus far been immune to the nasty snowstorms around us. This morning on the radio, I heard that on Highway 402 near Sarnia there are all kinds of stranded motorists being brought to community warming centres by snowmobile and ATV, and the army is on it’s way.

We have experienced just a sprinkling of snow so far. The City has decided to prepare for the worst though, and has seen fit to salt all the sidewalks in our area. What’s up with that? When we first moved to Long Branch I was very surpised to see the City plowing sidewalks. Back in the former location of Anchovy World Headquarters, near St. Clair and Caledonia, the City only removed snow from our street twice in eight years. There was no room for the snow so we created piles on the street. When it finally started to melt, the City would have trucks drive over the piles to spread it around. Getting in and out was a constant challenge. I understand the problem The City faced. The street was narrow and there was parking on one side and there was no room between houses to pile the snow. Removal was the only answer, an option I only recall seeing two times in all the years I lived in the area. The first winter we lived in Longbranch, on the other hand, I was out shovelling the sidewalk one afternoon when along comes Buddy with his little plow tooling down the sidewalk – not necessary, but nice just the same.

Now they’ve decided to salt. Salt has its place in very icy conditions. Occasionally, we have to put some down so nobody gets hurt passing the house. We didn’t need a preventative dose though. It’s really excessive, and it’s not good for the dogs to walk on all that salt.  Here’s one way for the Mayor to save some dough. Stop salting the sidewalks. If they really need salting, we can take care of it, thank you very much.


  1. Salt is so corrosive and only works to -10C. Surely the city can find other ways to spend money. (I can’t believe they plow your sidewalks!)

  2. zeusiswatching

    The better choice is almost always sand, or a sand/salt mixture. Still, if it is going to be really cold, the salt really isn’t as helpful as regular sand.

  3. salvelinas fontinalis

    Maybe it is organic sea salt 🙂 Actually sea salt is magnesium chloride and can never be organic by definition. I think I would be on the phone finding out exactly what it was they were spreading. Salt will kill both your grass and your earthworms in addition to perhaps stinging dog paws. Most municipalities will refuse to put a snow plow on the road until some threshold of snow has fallen and they do that purely to save money. It’s peculiar that they would blow cash on salt when there is no ice. The only reason I can think of is they possibly have been hard hit by lawsuits from folks falling.

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