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Black Swan

We just got back from seeing Black Swan, the new Darren Aronofsky flick. It’s a very intense psychologically twisted ballet thriller (also the only ballet thriller I know) (um, also the only ballet movie I know). This is a really dark, layered, thoughtful film, with some terrific performances, particularly by Natalie Portman.

I also thought it was an ambitious film, and one in which the director was unafraid of taking risks and falling flat. And there were moments, brief ones, that didn’t quite come off. All is forgiven though, here in Anchovy-town. There were many times during the film when I when I thought, no, this whole business is going to fall apart…but in spite of myself, I thought it was an amazing work.

On the five fish Anchovy rating scale, this one gets a heaping plate of salties. Go see this one.


    • Well, so you would think. However, this film is gripping, dark, suspenseful, scary, strange and very twisted. Throughout, I didn’t know what was real, what was really happening. It was quite disconcerting and the whole business was very dramatic.

  1. This is the first non-CBC review I’d heard (the Newsworld guy didn’t like it). I don’t know…dance flicks make me uncomfortable. But with the thriller aspect I might give it a go, and I really like Nathalie Portman.

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