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Why is it?

Why is it that if you chip a tooth, it’s impossible to keep your tongue away from the offending rough spot?

I chipped a wee bit off a molar, the tiniest bit really, sometime around Christmas. Today was my scheduled cleaning, and Dr. Steve, who’s the best dentist since sliced bread, solved the problem in seconds by smoothing the area out.

My tongue doesn’t quite believe it though. I’ve caught it checking out the newly smooth tooth several times. See, Mr. Tongue. It’s fine now.
So you say. I have to see for myself.



  1. Patience

    Hey my dentist is a Dr Steve too! Doubt they’re the one and the same. Mine is downtown in the CIBC building.

  2. zeusiswatching

    I’m glad you have a good dentist. My teeth are always undergoing some sort of major urban renewal project. I am grateful for having a good streak with good dentists. I had a terrible experience with one as a child, and it traumatized me for years. I still don’t like going to the dentist, but I’ve been given really good care. Fortunately, your tooth was a quick fix, and now you just need to break a small bad habit.

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    You need to understand that tongues have a complete mind of their own. For example when you are in bed and you just can’t fall asleep I can guarantee it is because your tongue is pressing firmly up on the roof of your mouth and you will not sleep until you find a way to convince your tongue to quit stressing and leave the roof of your mouth alone.

  4. I know the problem, he says, licking his provisional crown with a tongue blistered from repeated forays to the wounded tooth. I waited too long to have a tooth worked on. My dentist was pregnant, so the appointment was in February. I’ve been chewing on my left side for months to relieve the molar on the right side. The tiniest rosmary needle slipped of my slice of pan-seared duck breast and wandered over to the right side of my mouth. Crack, a sizeable portion of my tooth broke off. After that, I had no more pain on the right side, but my tongue kept exploring the jagged crater that seemed as large as the grand canyon. Now I have a rough, provisional crown over the spot. It feels like sandpaper when I run my tongue over it, which I do about every twenty seconds. Too bad I didn’t have Dr. Steve to go to back in December.

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