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Choir Choir Choir

When our friend Toni visits, Tuffy P comes up with “envelopes”, each representing a top secret activity. Yesterday evening, we drove down to the Queen and Ossington area where we met up with their friends from way back in high school, Ann and Mary Lou.… Read More

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Off to the Museum

Tuffy P, our friend Toni (who is visiting from Glasgow), and I sallied forth to the ROM today to see the Blue Whale exhibit. Some readers may remember seeing news stories about a huge blue whale carcass dead and rotting at Trout River Newfoundland back… Read More

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Theatre and BBQ

Our friend Toni is in town (yay!), and Tuffy P was prepared with tickets to the latest production at the Coal Mine Theatre, called Orphans. It was a very intense play, but very well done and the theatre is charming with its seats set up… Read More

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I keep my tax-related stuff, art expenses and so on in a drawer, which I believe to actually be a tardis. You know like the police booth Dr. Who travels around through time in – it’s not very big on the outside but once you… Read More

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At the Vice

Growing up,  one of the major events of the spring in our house was the opening of trout season. At some point during my university days I pretty much gave up the ritual of chasing trout, but in the early 90s, along with my friend… Read More

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Kidney Car

We bought a 2001 Corolla back in 2007. It was in great shape with only 53k km on it and it’s been a fantastic car for us. It’s getting old though, and it was time to get Tuffy P something considerably newer, and at this… Read More