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Is this a thing?

On each of the past 4 days, while out walking the Partners, I’ve seen bicyclists (4 different ones) riding no hands while texting, paying no attention at all to what is in front of them. I have little doubt these folks will find themselves in… Read More

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Polka King strikes it rich

Every now and then good things happen to polka accordion players. I heard on the radio this morning that 81 year old Walter Ostanek, known as Canada’s Polka King, has won a million Canadianos in the London Dream Lottery, a hospital fundraiser. He’s still playing… Read More

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Two kinds of games

Today in my travels I passed a large television screen tuned into soccer or futebol or whatever you like to call it. They were interviewing an expert who was explaining the finer points of the game. He said there are two kinds of games –… Read More

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Canadian Tire Money

A couple weeks ago I was in my local Canadian Tire buying this and that, and when I checked out, they didn’t give me any Canadian Tire Money. Instead, the cashier suggested I sign up for a loyalty card, so I could earn electronic points.… Read More