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I had my yearly eye doctor appointment at an office tucked away behind a glasses retailer. My prescription changed a wee bit last year but I didn’t change my glasses. This year it’s changed a wee bit again. Time for a new pair. On the… Read More

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Business development?

Just now….land line rings Hi this is Alice from Fitser (?…lots of noise from other telemarketers in the background) Who? My name is Alice from Fitser. And why are you calling me this morning, Alice, and what is a Fitser exactly? We do online promotion… Read More

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Bizarre telemarketer action

I pick up the phone and can here the tell-tale noises coming from some huge overseas telemarketer outfit. I know in my heart it’s a guy selling duct cleaning. It’s almost always someone selling duct cleaning. I say hello several times while buddy on the… Read More

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Choir Choir Choir

When our friend Toni visits, Tuffy P comes up with “envelopes”, each representing a top secret activity. Yesterday evening, we drove down to the Queen and Ossington area where we met up with their friends from way back in high school, Ann and Mary Lou.… Read More