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Where’s the Fire?

Last night around 11:30ish, I was sitting at this computer playing online Go with my friend Vox, when a fire truck came rolling down the street. It slowed down as it passed our place and stopped a couple doors down. The firemen got out of… Read More

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The Guest

Last night about 11:00, I let the Newfs out in the backyard for a pee. They charged to the back of the property, and then I heard the yelp that can only mean, oh crap there are 2 giant dogs running at me full tilt.… Read More

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Homegrown Hair

I usually get my hair cut about once a month. Short. Same place; same barber. My last haircut was in late January, before I traveled to Vietnam, way before things got locked down here, and I was getting kind of scruffy. We have an old… Read More

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Snobby tea?

Back in late summer of last year, when Candy Minx and I started The Agency Podcast, I took to having a cup of tea during the podcast. I learned quickly that having a beverage handy is important if you’re going to record a conversation often… Read More

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Unintended Consequences?

Has anyone else noticed that since we’ve all been lying low and staying away from one another, the spam calls have dried up. No more duct cleaning calls. No more computer voices from the fake Service Canada telling me there is a warrant out for… Read More

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What happened?

When I awoke this morning, the first thought bubbling up from the depths of my ever-so-tiny brain was, “I think it’s time to shave off my beard”. And so I did it before my better judgement could kick in and stop me. I would have… Read More

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Radio Break

I had an interesting exchange on Twitter with a local talk radio host the other day. He tweeted concern for people suffering from anxiety during our current collective struggle with the Covid-19 virus, due to heightened concern in the community. I responded, noting that his… Read More

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What a way to go

“Mad Mike” Hughes is dead. He launched himself skyward in a steam-powered rocket yesterday in an effort to prove to himself that the earth is flat. He had to see for himself. Most of the rest of us have accepted that we live on a… Read More

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The Tulip

The Tulip, a Toronto diner/steakhouse which has been around for 90 years, has closed. They posted the following on Facebook: “Unfortunately, business conditions have changed regarding our lease agreement in ways we can no longer accommodate, and we have been left with no choice.” I… Read More