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On the Town

We had a great time as guests at Bloor Street Entertains last evening, the fantastic CANFAR fundraiser in support of HIV/AIDS research. This event took place in various retail environments on Bloor St. here in Toronto, converted for the evening for a dinner event. We… Read More

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Green Tomatoes

We’re closing in on winter. Down at the bottom end of Sam Smith Park, the yacht club people have the big cranes out and they’re yanking all the boats out of the harbour for the season. That is, except for the one or two wacky… Read More

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Addressing the complaints

The supernatural beings who live in the Imagination Stations out back have been complaining because they haven’t been able to receive mail. We all know complaining about the mail service is a time-honoured activity among Canadian humans, but now the pixies, fairies, trolls, sprites, elves,… Read More

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I like roadtrips. I’m no longer so interested in the crazy and grueling drive to Cody Wyoming in 36 hours kind of roadtrips I used to do with my buddy East Texas Red, back when we were pretty serious about chasing trout with a fly… Read More

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Throughout my life as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with keeping my weight down. Oh, there have been a few times when I’ve taken it off, but keeping it off is another story altogether. The last time I gained a significant amount of… Read More