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The Tardis

The TARDIS (/ˈtɑːrdɪs/; Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Doctor Who fans will all know a Tardis is a combination time machine and spacecraft. The Doctor, who is a Time Lord, has one that looks like a vintage 1960s police booth from the outside. A… Read More

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Bell Media trashes Newstalk 1010

Bell has shit-canned 200+ employees including many on-air personalities at Newstalk 1010 (CFRB), half from newsrooms. This action was part of a so-called “streamlined operating structure”. At Newstalk 1010, it appears they have trashed the entire newsroom, reporters and all, and it looks like they… Read More

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Barney Miller?

Episodes of the old Barney Miller sit-com have been appearing in my my YouTube feed as material their bot has suggested for me. Was it something I said? I can’t remember the last time I even thought about that old show. Strangely, I couldn’t resist… Read More

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And then this happened….

This happened last weekend (social distancing)…..I hadn’t realized Tuffy P took pictures until the other day. Rose Yerex on dobro, Greg Yerex on bass, Ted Myerscough on guitar and me on banjo….assisted by George and Ruby of course.

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Today is our 19th Anniversary. I feel blessed to share my life with someone as all-around fantastic as Sheila. We’re creating quite an adventure together! After we got married in 2001, Sheila and I took off to Newfoundland for our honeymoon. Thanks to our friend… Read More

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Where’s the Fire?

Last night around 11:30ish, I was sitting at this computer playing online Go with my friend Vox, when a fire truck came rolling down the street. It slowed down as it passed our place and stopped a couple doors down. The firemen got out of… Read More