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  1. Patience

    I went to the auto show fully intending to decide to get the new Ford Electric Focus. I also looked at the Nissan Leaf. The problem: sort of a chicken and egg dilemma. With an all electric; you have a finite amount of km until it dies (about 160) which isn’t bad for short jaunts but no good for country drives etc. Eventually (maybe even in the next 2 years) they’re going to have all these super charger sites around town and out of town which will give an 80% charge in 30 mins but for now…. much as I love them (and the VW van was really intriguing as well) I’m probably going to go with a hybrid Escape. If you’re looking for more space; the Ford hybrid C-Max will be available in September. (my only problem with more space is being roped into car pool crap and the Escape will fit my huskies for short jaunts to the vet) The thing I do like about VW is at least at Queensway VW; they have really nicer service people and area than Ford.

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