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Mother Nature must be drunk

How else can I explain what she’s done to us today? It started with some snow, followed by just enough rain to create an inch of slush on everything. Each evening, I take the dogs out to the park for a run. The leash free park is a muckhole right now. The location is handy for parking and handy for picking up the garbage, but it’s the wettest ground around. Add a bunch of dogs tearing up any vegetation and you get a muckhole. I wasn’t taking them anywhere near there tonight.

Instead we walked around the neighbourhood, slogging our way along the sidewalks and roadways. My dogs love water, but they obviously were not impressed with this nonsense. The good thing is that it won’t be too many more sleeps before the ground thaws, the excess water drains away and we’re into spring.

My reaction to today’s slop? I making pea soup tonight, my cure for everything miserable.

PS If this freezes overnight, I may get grumpy.

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  1. Very wise move. There’s nothing like a healing bowl of pea soup after slogging about in pea soup on the roads. We may be in for similar gunk around here tonight. You may just have started a pea soup making frenzy across the nation!

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