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I was in London Ontario for a chunk of the day on business. On the drive back this afternoon I  saw an explosion. I was driving east on the 401 a little before the 427 when suddenly a large cloud of very dark gray smoke billowed up in the distance. It looked to me that is could have been coming from the airport and my immediate concern was that a plane had crashed. Later, I found out was not coming from the airport but close – Dixon and the 27.

The smoke stopped just as I was starting to exit onto the 427 South. However, as I was making the exit, I saw an explosion of flames into the sky from the same spot, immediately followed by huge amounts of dark smoke. By this point I was heading south on the 427 and through my rear view mirror, the smoke got thicker and thicker.

It turned out to be a fire at a hydro transformer station. The smoke apparently became so thick that the 410 was actually closed down for some time for safety. I was very fortunate to be exiting just as it happened. A few minutes later and I would have been stuck on the 401 for a couple hours.


  1. Patience

    I was there too driving my youngest dd back from camp. I was naughty and took pix with my cell phone while driving through it. Not to bad quality for the cheap model I have. My dd alerted me while I was on Wilson saying “Look mommy a mushroom cloud!” LOL
    PS: I was on my way to a class when I spotted you and your significant other this morning walking the dogs at 6:30am; impressive!

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