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The Stew Pot

The Stew Pot will appear in this space from time to time with my $.02 on the issues of the day. Comments are welcome (I have thick skin). What are they thinking at Hockey Canada?Hockey Canada has been all over the news not just because… Read More

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but he bought a ticket….

The video showing a United Airlines customer dragged kicking and screaming from a plane has by now been seen over 6 million people. I’m sure that number is climbing fast. According to news reports, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz called the situation “upsetting”, commenting the… Read More

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I was in London Ontario for a chunk of the day on business. On the drive back this afternoon I  saw an explosion. I was driving east on the 401 a little before the 427 when suddenly a large cloud of very dark gray smoke… Read More

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Bison Siberia Bound

Canada is sending 30 wood bison from Alberta to Siberia. This begs the question, how do you put 30 bison safely on an airplane? They’re big critters, and independent too. My other question is, what do we get in Perhaps a few hockey players to… Read More

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Be Afraid

I read today that Facebook is introducing an advertising approach called sponsored stories, in which comments you post about products and services could be repurposed into ads for those products and services and shown to your “friends”. Here’s my question to all you Facebook users… Read More

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The Eagle has Landed?

Torontonians have been following the progress of 6 giant beer vats as they have inched their way from Hamilton Harbour to the Molson’s plant near Pearson airport in a convoy of 40 vehicles. These vats are so big that crews have had to remove traffic… Read More