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Federal Election Hashtag Guide

Some people are calling our upcoming federal election the Twitter election, and I confess that I find following the tweets related to the whole business somewhat addictive. I came across a federal election hashtag guide, which is very handy in deciphering the curious language of Twitter and for finding the right places to look for all the nuggets. The two best hashtags for election goodies seem to be #elxn41 (it’s our 41st election) and #cdnpoli.

Twitter is such a curious tool. I can’t decide if I like it or hate it, really. On the positive side, it’s tremendously democratic. You make a tweet and it’s out there in the tweetosphere or whatever you call it. If you use a hashtag that others are using on a particular topic, you get to be in the game, along with journalists and celebrities and everybody else.  On the negative side, 140 characters is 140 characters. Also on the negative side, when a piece of fiction gets retweeted enough it gets treated as if it is fact. There have been several individuals “killed off” by Twitter in the last year, people who are very much alive in that other universe we call reality.

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