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Bye bye Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account for a long time, though I haven’t Tweeted much in years. I have been cross-posting blog posts from this space to Twitter, but to be honest I don’t think I received much if any traffic because of that. Mostly, what… Read More

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Cross-posting to Facebook?

I rarely post anything “just” on Facebook, but I do usually cross-post my blog posts there. I started doing that simply because I know quite a few people who are active on Facebook who rarely look at blogs. Technology increasingly enabled me to integrate posts… Read More

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Just because…

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before…. just because I followed your feed on Twitter, doesn’t mean I can’t wait for you to follow up with direct messages and emails marketing whatever you’re marketing. In fact, if you do that, it will likely teach me the error… Read More

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Federal Election Hashtag Guide

Some people are calling our upcoming federal election the Twitter election, and I confess that I find following the tweets related to the whole business somewhat addictive. I came across a federal election hashtag guide, which is very handy in deciphering the curious language of… Read More