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Back from the shop…

Chris at Musical Instruments of Canada did a fantastic job repairing the grill of my Guerrini triple row button accordion. The grill, including both corners, broke last weekend in what I can only describe as a macabre accordion accident. With some super-glue, epoxy and magic, Chris repaired it to the point where you have to look very closely to see it had ever been damaged. Fantastic!


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Excellent! You were quite lucky that the plastic didnt shatter into a zillion tiny pieces too small to be glued. Getting it repaired decently is important to being able to enjoy playing it both home alone and in public. Only Willie Nelson wants to play an instrument that looks like Willie Nelson’s guitar. That is one colorful box, I wonder why nobody finishes their violins or pianos in bright cheery colors.

    • It’s a beauty Salvelinas. I’m so glad he was able to fix it. I think epoxy was the key. The Italian painter Enrico Baj once called it that portentious paste that enabled him to stick anything to anything, even dreams, even memories.

  2. That is awsome. I had to look real close before reading to see what it was.. I think its cool when some one can play an instrument like this one.. its very cool..

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