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A Glimpse Inside the Anchovy Can…

Here’s a sneak peak into the top secret cave hidden deep beneath Anchovy World Headquarters. The larger painting in progress is called Sunday Afternoon in the Forest of No Return.


    • Hmmm. We’ll see. I haven’t been very anxious to exhibit lately. In spite of my effort to stop making paintings though, it seems it’s like a drug and it’s not so easy to stop. Maybe I’ll make just one more. Just one. It’s just between us. Nobody else has to know, ok?

      Not sure what possessed me to post that shot. Maybe it was the acute angle or the photo of the accordionists. I like that photo. Tuffy P took that shot of John F and I back when we were Squeezebox Dogs. It was taken on the north side of College St. here in Toronto, just west of Dufferin.

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