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Don’t Eat Wild Mushrooms in New Jersey?

Plenty of rainfall has led to many wild mushrooms in New Jersey forests, but officials say don’t eat them.

The center says there’s no easy way to tell the difference between poisonous and harmless mushrooms

I can understand a warning that says, “don’t eat wild mushrooms unless you are 100% certain you have identified safe edible specimens,” but I think a sweeping general warning is over the top. It is true that the only way to tell a mushroom is safe is to learn to identify them. You don’t have to learn every species though. Learn a few common edibles well, and leave the rest. Next year, learn a couple more.
The fact is that there are plenty of safe tasty edible mushrooms that are not all that difficult to identify. There are all sorts of mushrooms that are very difficult to identify too, so I simply don’t collect them.
On the other hand, a warning like the one issues by New Jersey officials might not be a bad thing for those of us who like to pick tasty edibles – more forest for us.


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