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Dead Man’s Fingers

This afternoon, Tuffy P discovered some Dead Man’s Fingers or Xylaria polymorpha at the back of our yard, tucked in under a fence. It’s a saprobic fungus, meaning it lives on decaying organic matter, such as a decaying stump or roots. It is apparently common… Read More

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This morning when I was out walking The Partners, I noticed several shaggie mane mushrooms emerging from my neighbour’s lawn. Now I would have pointed this out to him and even provided suggestions for cooking them but unfortunately he’s out of the country. Shaggie manes… Read More

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Tasty September Mushrooms

Two choice edible wild mushroom currently fruiting in my area are lobsters and hedgehogs. Lobster mushrooms occur as a result of a cup fungus attacking a host mushroom. There are two hosts, both unpalatable white mushrooms. Once attacked, the white mushrooms often become contorted and… Read More

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Fungal Empire

My brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, sent me an interesting article about a 2500 year old fungus. That’s right, 2500 years old. That is staggering. It’s an Armillaria, what mushroom lovers would call a honey mushroom, and the organism, located in Michigan, takes up 180… Read More