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A damp and dark day

It seems more like October than September to me. As I look out the window, the sky is a dirty yellow, telling me the rain is not done yet. On the good news front, maybe that will trigger a fruiting of tasty edible wild mushrooms.

For me the mushroom season will be over soon. Sure there are honey mushrooms and aborted entoloma but that doesn’t get me very excited. As the leaves fall, it gets harder to find mushrooms on the ground. And when hunting season is underway, I don’t want to be in the woods with a dog who bears more than a passing resemblance to a bear. Of course I might change my tune if I find a good spot for kings or a couple good hens of the woods, and I reserve the right to do that.  Yet, as the season progresses, more and more mushroom hunters can be seen in the woods.

This season, I spent far more time in the woods than on the stream. I did enjoy a few days of fly fishing on the Delaware this year, but I ignored my old haunts on local trout streams in favour of wandering the woods with my dogs, chasing mushrooms. Could it be true that some mushrooms see you coming and pop back underground? Or does it just sometimes seem that way.

I can’t complain about the mushroom season, even if our hot July made it a poor year for chanterelles. Salvelinas and I found plenty of morels. And, there were lots of lobsters, and milk caps and puffballs and a smattering of boletes.  Now if I can end the season stumbling upon a nice fruiting of kings, I’ll be ready for the winter.

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