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Basketeers – Assisting Women in New Beginnings

Tuffy P participated in the Basketeers program again this year. It’s a volunteer project supporting women’s shelters. Tuffy filled two laundry baskets – one a kitchen basket and the other a bed/bathroom basket. Here’s something about the Basketeers program from their website:

The shelters that many of us were supporting said it was fairly easy to find groups willing to buy or sponsor Christmas gifts for children, but their mothers seemed to be forgotten. We feel by supporting the mothers, they will in turn hopefully not return to the abuser and will, in the long run, feel stronger for their children. That is why our group called “The Basketeers” was created. We are a generous group of around 3500 volunteers with large hearts. We are not a registered charity.

Today was drop-off day. Tuffy P was down there very early, but alreadythe baskets were accumulating.


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  3. At my old office, we would sponsor a family staying at one of the womens’ shelters in town: mom AND kids. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that you’re helping someone in need and making their lives a bit brighter, if even for a short while. Good job!

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