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I may have featured this video back on the old blog a few years ago. At least I know I’ve seen this performance before. It’s the Downchild Blues Band featuring the late Jane Vasey playing some fantastic boogie-woogie piano along with vibraphone great Peter Appleyard. They are performing at a place called Albert’s Hall, which was upstairs at the Brunswick House on Bloor St in Toronto, back in the day. This performance must have been from the late 70s. Ms. Vasey passed on in 1982 of leukemia.

I could play this video over and over and over.

I recall a tune Jane Vasey played and sang on one of the Downchild albums – maybe it was “We Deliver”. The tune was She’s Tryin’ to keep her 88s Straight. I was going to school at York University at the time. I had an old car and I had that Downchild album on cassette tape (remember those?). I still have a strong memory of blasting that tune in my car.  Curiously I recall what happened eventually to that cassette. I had a box with a bunch of cassettes on the front seat of the car, and it was really hot in the summer and the car was parked with the windows closed, and those cassettes turned into something out of a Dali painting.



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