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La Villa

La Villa Bakery, on Lakeshore in Port Credit, gets the Anchovy stamp of approval. Try their amazing pizza.

Port Credit is part of Mississauga. When I was a kid, Mississauga wasn’t amalgamated, and Port Credit, Clarkson, Streetsville and Cooksville were villages. Now it’s one big Mississauga. But much like in my area of Toronto, which has retained it’s old identity – Long Branch – Port Credit remains Port Credit for most of us.


    • Port Credit is on Lake Ontario and retains the feel of a village. It has lots of restaurants and shops. As you go west along the Lakeshore from Long Branch where I live, Port Credit is maybe 6 km away. Hurontario St goes north from Port Credit and becomes a major Mississauga artery, and eventually turns into a provinical highway to the north, Highway 10.

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