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A Hidden Gem

The other day Tuffy P pointed out a review of a little Alderwood lunch joint in the Etobicoke Guardian. It’s on Horner near Thirtieth and it’s called Cafe Tutti. I had noticed it driving by recently but hadn’t stopped in – but I had made… Read More

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Who Knew?

…or: how to seed a pomegranate As it happens I had to seed a pomegranate the other day, as Tuffy P wanted to add some of the seeds to some baba ganoush. I didn’t know this trick, but I do now and I know you… Read More

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I was chasing trout up on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a somewhat desolate place I find strangely compelling. I had been camping somewhere north of Escanaba and was about ready for some hot coffee and a greasy fisherman’s breakfast. I was driving east when I saw… Read More