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This Afternoon

The crisp clear afternoon has coaxed a lot of people in the neighbourhood outdoors. The toboggan hill at the filtration plant has hardly been in use this season for lack of snow, but enough came down the other day to create a marginal base. Marginal or not, there are several kids on the hill sliding on toboggans, sleds, and assorted chunks of plastic and cardboard. It’s great to hear the sounds of kids having a great time on the hill.

From the toboggan hill, you can see skaters on the figure 8 skate park across the field and across the road, in Sam Smith Park proper. I don’t know whose idea the skate park was, but it has turned out to be a very popular attraction to the park and to the Long Branch/New Toronto communities. I hear of people coming from across the city to skate there.

This winter, many of the regulars at the dog park on the filtration plant lands have turned to the new dog park at Marie Curtis Park for a better experience. The Marie Curtis dog park is on higher land and has a deep sand surface. Even after a rain, it is not muddy. Today the weather is perfect for the dog park at the R.L. Clark Filtration plant. That is, the ground is frozen and covered with a layer of snow – and it isn’t windy. As a result, there were a dozen dogs in there playing when I took Memphis and Ellie Mae out for some play and exercise. In the next day or two it’s expected to warm up and any thaw will turn the dog park into a muck-pit. Unfortunately, no plan was made to mitigate the muck when the dog park was conceived, even though the sogginess of the field was well known to all in the community.



  1. You paint a very idyllic picture of the recreational areas in your neighbourhood. It sounds like a wonderful place to be a kid or a dog.

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