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It looks like there are a couple new businesses opening in Long Branch, on Lakeshore, here in the SW corner of Toronto. An orange sign has appeared on one empty storefront not far from here, saying “Melt” and “Grilled Cheese”. Intriguing. As well, it looks like a Filipino bakery is opening up in the space previously operated by Baba Ali.

I don’t know anything else about these places, not even when they’re opening. If you’re the proprietor of these new businesses, leave me a comment with details and I’ll give you a plug here at 27th St. From what I’ve seen, this is a challenging neighbourhood in which to succeed with a new business. At the same time, we need some new businesses. I hope these businesses are a good fit for our area and do well.

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  1. Any fledgling business whose promos conjure up images of melty grilled cheese goodness certainly have my vote! I’d be intrigued to hear about the developments.

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